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Sydney Air Conditioning Installation and Servicing

Experienced Mechanics

Quality Service

Affordable Prices

27 Air Conditioning - Fast, Reliable, Affordable


For all your Air Conditioning installation and services in Sydney and Surrounding suburbs.


27 Air Conditioning


We are based in Sydney’s 27th district but we cover all of Sydney. We have quality equipment to ensure that your air conditioning system is installed at its best.


We also have all the equipment to fault find and repair systems , there’s no problem that we can’t find a solution to. 


Every system needs to be properly maintained so that it can live a long life and work how it has been designed to work. We check the system during a maintenance to ensure that it is working to it’s full potential and will not give you problems when you need it most. 

Single split system air conditioning

Split systems are designed to bring air-conditioned comfort to a room or any area of your home.


Ducted systems

Ducted systems provide air conditioning comfort all year round, all around the house, to new and existing homes.


27 Air-Conditioning offers technical coil cleans with the best coil cleaning materials, to destroy any mould or dust build up. It will also rid your air-conditioner of bacteria and germs.

We service & support top air conditioning brands.


Servicing favourite aircon brands from our range of top air conditioner manufacturers, both residential and industrial.

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