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Has your air-conditioning system been checked and had a coil clean?

Indoor coils if left un-attended can build up with bacteria, mould, dust and grime and be passed around the air of your home. With the increasing number of health risks in todays society it is more important than ever that all domestic and commercial air-conditioning system are clean, germ free and not causing any harm to our health. 27 Air-Conditioning offers technical coil cleans with the best coil cleaning materials, to destroy any mould or dust build up. It will also rid your air-conditioner of bacteria and germs.

Coil cleans range from split systems, ducted systems and VRV systems.

Contact us to book a free quote to keep your air-conditioner as clean as possible


Having regular air conditioning service will also mean that your system will run more efficiently and increase the life of your system whilst reducing the likelihood of it breaking down.

Having an air conditioning service will mean:

  • Servicing the system change of belts and filters will extend its life

  • Our trained technicians can repair or replace faults or damages like leaking ducts

  • Correct Temperature control means better energy efficiency

  • Cleaning filters means better quality air and a more pleasant environment

  • Compliance to relevant regulations, standards and codes

  • Technicians can identify strategies to improve building performance

Regular maintenance programs are practical and easy to implement with minimal disruption to your business. We keep an air conditioning maintenance schedule for your system, so you don’t ever have to remember to call us. We maintain constant communication with you and your staff.


  • Check refrigerant charge

  • Check fans and compressor

  • Check de-ice control function

  • Check operation of reversing valve

  • Check all electrical connections

  • Check condenser coil is clear

  • Check crankcase heater

  • Check rain shield on motors

  • Check flare connections


  • Check fan and motor operation

  • Check and clean condensate drain

  • Check and clean safety tray

  • Check zone-control operation (if fitted)

  • Check thermostat operation

  • Check ductwork and fittings

  • Check return air-filters

  • Test electrical diagnostics

  • Check flare connections

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